Cleaning Up Halloween Home Messes

Halloween can be a fun time of year for families, but there are always a few pranksters that spoil the fun — especially for homeowners whose property gets egged or TP’d. Here are some handy tips from HouseLogic on how to clean your home up after Halloween messes:

Egg splatters:  If your home gets egged, wet the remaining egg from your siding with a hose. Don’t use a full blast of water though; this can cause the egg to splatter, making it even worse. For additional help, use a bucket of warm (not hot) water, dish soap and a scrub brush to remove the egg. Be sure to avoid hot water though. It can bake on the eggy mess.

Toilet papered trees:  If the toilet paper is wet from rain or morning dew, wait until the moisture evaporates before attempting to remove it. Use a rake, leap blower or a reacher/grabber with a long reach to remove the toilet paper.

For other tips, including removing candle wax and Halloween make-up from carpets, visit HouseLogic online. In the meantime, have a safe, happy Halloween!


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