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5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

5 ways to increase your home's value before sellingRenovations can make your home worth more, and if you’re planning to make any changes, here are some tips to improve your home while saving money:

  1. Tackle one room at a time. It will make it easier on you, and you won’t have to stress about keeping pets or little ones out of multiple rooms at a time. It will also be less costly because there is less going on, and fewer people (contractors, subcontractors, etc.) coming in and out of your house at one time.
  2. The kitchen is your home’s money maker and a good selling point. Replace your appliances if you can; it adds instant value if you have a new stovetop, oven or refrigerator. Reface your cabinets and replace your countertops if you can afford to. They’ll give an older kitchen new life. Consider ways to optimize the space or expand it.
  3. Change the bathroom. Bathrooms are another huge selling point. Upgrade your bathtub; make it bigger if you can. Install a shower with a moveable showerhead, or a rain showerhead. Change out overhead lighting for wall mounts to add warmth to the bathroom. Heated floors are also a big bonus. A small change that can have a big impact is adding new grout, making the bathroom look cleaner without spending a lot of money.
  4. Revitalize a room with a new paint color. If your home has bold colors, consider repainting with more neutral colors. They’re sometimes more appealing and help would-be buyers picture themselves in your home with their own décor.
  5. Add storage in the garage. While this is a relatively easy fix, it can add a lot of value and convenience for prospective buyers.

Remember that a more expensive project may not add more value. Swimming pools, for example, are costly to maintain. Instead, make minor changes to add value without a lot of expense or hassle.


Home Tips & Maintenance

I love American Home Shield’s monthly newsletters and website. They always contain great ideas for maintaining your home, as well as “go to” tips for remodeling, decorating and organizing.

Here’s a resource I find particularly helpful. It contains troubleshooting tips for home systems like air conditioning, plumbing, large home appliances and more. Bookmark this page – you may not need it now, but it will come in handy when you least expect it!

Learn to Live Green with Green Home Advisor

As a dedicated Realtor®, my motto is “working for you.” I love it when my fellow Realtors® feel the same way. Here’s one way that the Seattle King County Association of Realtors® is working for us and our clients too…through its new Green Home Advisor website. This information-rich site contains practical ideas and links for creating energy smart homes. You can do an energy audit; scout out deals, rebates and incentives; learn more about energy smart homes; and get designing and remodeling tips.

Here are just a few tips you’ll find on Green Home Advisor:

  • Cut your energy bill in half by washing clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot.
  • Replace older toilets with newer models that are more efficient and use less water.
  • Plug electronics into a power strip, so you can easily “power off” when not in use, saving energy and reducing your electric bill.
  • Wood floors are beautiful, but they allow heat to escape. Add a layer of insulation underneath.
  • Use sustainable, recycled or salvaged materials when remodeling for cost savings and to reduce your environmental impact.

For more ideas, like this subscribe to my blog or visit Green Home Advisor online.

Working for you,

Marti Reeder
John L. Scott – Kent

Top 10 Project Paybacks

As a result of the economic downturn, we’re hearing that homeowners are staying in their homes longer. Rather than selling or upgrading to a new home every five years or so, they are choosing to remodel their homes instead.

Remodeling can certainly give your home a face lift while providing greater functionality and saleability…but are you getting your money’s worth? Check out this great resource on the top 10 project paybacks to see which remodeling projects are your best best!